The x22cheats VIP card is a virtual card and the money is virtual.
The VIP card permits to:
  • Receive an initial bonus deposit in your VIP card balance of 0.00 EUR.
  • Earn 15% of every payment each customer you refer to us makes for the entire duration of their VIP account.

You can only use this card on our payment system.
The money will be automatically credited on the card by us when a customer, referred by you, purchases a subscription.
Your VIP card balance will be credited according to each customer you refer to us. You will not be able to credit funds from Paypal or Paysafecard, and you will not be able to withdraw the funds.
This money is 100% virtual and it will only allow you to purchase our subscriptions with it.

This card will be given to everyone who wants it.

How to get a VIP card
How to make a payment with your VIP card
How to manage your VIP card details

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