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    If you want to purchase with HiPay 
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    Dear customers or future customers,

    if you want to purchase a service from us with HiPay then please make sure to ENABLE 3-D secure.
    If you use a Mastercard, its called "Mastercard Identity Check" or sometimes "Mastercard SecureCode".
    If you use a VISA-card, its called "Visa Secure".
    For other cards, the terms might be different.
    Without you enabling 3D secure, the payment will fail even though you will get charged from HiPay. They will reimburse the money within 14 days.

    If you use GIROPAY/SOFORTÜBERWEISUNG the payment will take a couple days to be reviewed by HiPay and won't be instant.

    Best Regards,
    x22cheats Team
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    In certain cases with Virtual Credit Cards or depending from bank to bank it can be even up to 30 days till me money is back on the card.
    So make sure to Enable 3D-Secure and to USE it, having it only enabled doesn't mean that it's used.

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