Aimbot 10/10 - Works perfectly, lots of settings to customize it for each play style.
ESP 9/10 - Would actually be a 10/10, however I find that the VisCheck sometimes shows visible players too late. But still a 9/10.
Radar -/10 - Never used the radar.
Menu 9.5/10 - Not the prettiest menu I have seen so far. But is very user friendly
Price 10/10 - The price is really fair for all the features. There are many sales, so u can get 3 Month Subs for really cheap.
Injection 8/10 - Currently the injections needs long time. Sometimes upto 5 minutes. A week ago, the injection only took a few seconds, so still an 8/10

Overall - x22 is overall the best cheat I've had for Warzone and MW so far. That's why I give it a total of 9.5/10 points. And I can only advise everyone to test the cheat.