Hello to all brothers in arms.
Greetings from Russia.
Recently I became the owner of a new cheat for the game Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War.
I took a bronze subscription to 1 game for 1 month to try). Although I always try to take cheats for the maximum period. It's more profitable))))
The total time in the game is about 20 hours. I play for fun, not for progress on my account.
I liked the cheat for the game CoD BO CW from the first minutes of use. Simple and intuitive interface.
I always try to use all the features of the cheats. This is the only way to understand the coder's train of thought and realize the importance of all of his work done. In the tabs, I use Aimbot, ESP, Misc, Colors.
That's enough for me. I don't like to sit in dark corners and wait for a victim. For me, the main thing is the game itself, I'm not trying to win. Lucky - I'll take TOP 1, no luck, but oh well)
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Regarding the use of cheats in the game:
Aimbot: 10/10 !!!!!!
Installed on the head. I hold down the fire key and the enemy has no chance. The main thing is to get closer, it's more fun, but you can shoot from afar. The main thing is to choose a normal weapon. You can customize everything in the game. Up to 100 meters, the aimbot cuts out all living things on the map))). I have a FOV of 45 and that's enough for me. I play Autofire all the time, even with a sniper rifle. everything works flawlessly. Low bow to the encoder for the huge amount of positive emotions that arise when using this function.
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ESP: 10/10 !!!!!
The visualization is great. The font is great. Boxes and skeletons, what else do you need? True, sometimes everything disappears during the game for a few seconds, but this is not critical. My bow to the coder.
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Zombeis Tab
I was very pleased with the Aimbot function in all zombie modes.
God mode, Unlimited ammo, Teleport and Weak Zombies are generally fire. It is a pity that XP is not saved for the player's leveling and weapons, but this is not a panacea. As they say here in Russia - "If you suffer for a long time then something will work out." It is not always possible to become a host while searching for a match, but this is also not critical.
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In conclusion, I want to say that the cheat on CoD BO CW was a success. Suitable for anyone looking for an opportunity to swim in the ocean of fresh and new sensations. Get a huge and lasting impression from the game, playing in any style and do not be afraid to be banned, as the protection of this cheat works at 1000%.
I have been a subscriber of various cheats for a long time and have always known that the most important thing for administrators and programmers is the safety of using cheats, as well as providing users with software that cannot be found anywhere. Once again I express my gratitude to the administration and the coder of this site.