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    Honest Modern Warfare/Warzone cheat review 
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    I been using the warzone/modern warfare cheat for +6 months, so here is my review about the product.

    Aimbot 8/10: The aimbot is solid on almost everything. Can be really legit or rage and on both situations you're gonna get what you need. prediction is probably the second best prediction that you can get, just behind the one that you probably know...

    The only problem that I see with the aimbot is the smooth system. the way that it works makes that the aimbot is just useless at close ranges and really good at long ranges, or obvious asf at long ranges and good at close. what I'm saying is that there is not something like a distance based smooth or something like that, so if you're not very good at close ranges, you're kinda dead if you don't want to hard lock on far enemies.

    also sometimes the visiblity check kinda stop working.

    ESP 10/10: the loot esp is the best that you can get.

    Radar 10/10: Is just a radar and it works really good, so nothing else to say about that.

    There are some features that I will like to see in the future like a better config system, because right now you have just one config, so you can't make quick changes between config when you need it in certain situations.

    Overall the cheat is the best price/quality relation that you can get. There are other providers that charge a lot more than x22 does, but with half of the features or performance that you get with x22.
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    Thanks for the great Review
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