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    [Reseller] Basic Information 
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    License Keys are sold and distributed to resellers.
    A License Key will grant access to our VIP forum sections to anyone who activates it.

    Make sure to understand our Terms of Service before buying License Keys.
    If you want to access our Official Reseller Program and purchase License Keys, login to your forum account and go to our licenses purchase page located here:

    The following list of License Keys type is available:
    BRONZE: x10, x25, x50, x100.

    What can i do as an official reseller?
    As an official reseller you are able to do whatever you like with the keys (sell, trade, giveaway, etc). You can sell them to customers that may not be able to purchase our products directly. You gain a 20% profit on the 10x license keys, and that percentage raises on the different bundles (25, 50, etc). You will also be distinguished as an official reseller on our forum with a special user title as well.

    Where do my customers activate their license keys?
    Activation of a license key is easy. Once your customer has registered on our site, all they have to do is go here:
    They simply enter the license key and choose specifically what subscription they want.

    Where can i manage my reseller account?
    Once one of your customers activates a license key, you are able to see it here:
    Other important reseller information will be on that page as well.

    What if my customer requires support on the products?
    We will of course support you and your customers. We have foreign language sections if English is not their strong suit.

    What if a customer commits fraud against a reseller?
    If one of your customers engages in a fraudulent payment, please contact the x22 Cheats Staff, so that we may revoke his user access.

    If you have any further questions please contact the x22 Cheats Staff. We will be more than happy to assist you.

    Best Regards,
    x22 Cheats Staff
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